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All prices are per night!
Prices may vary during the summer, holidays and important public events
(New Year's Eve, Exit festival, Guca festival…etc).
Here you can check the prices of accommodation in our hostel and to book your place.
8 bed dorm
10.00 €/person
4 bed dorm
12.00 €/person
Twin room
26.00 €/room
4 bed private room
44.00 €/room
4 bed private for 3 persons
36.00 €/room
Basic Single room
20.00 €/room
Standard Single room
22.00 €/room
Family Studio 4.floor
52.00 €/room
Family Studio 4. floor for 2 persons
34.00 €/room
Family Studio 4. floor for 3 persons
45.00 €/room
Family Suite for 2 persons
32.00 €/room
Family Suite 4.floor
48.00 €/room
Family Suite for 3 persons
42.00 €/room
Studio apartment for 2 persons
36.00 €/room
Studio apartment
48.00 €/room
Family Studio apartment for 2 persons
36.00 €/room
Family Studio apartment for 3 persons
48.00 €/room
Deluxe Family Studio apartment
54.00 €/room
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